Open throughout the entire year, and offering many things to do; Mt Spokane is a favorite place for visitors and residents alike. With plenty of slopes to hit, for the beginner to the expert; you’re able to experience the winter vacation that you have planned. Stay on the mountain in one of the Mt Spokane lodging options, or choose to go with some place that is off the mountain. It is your choice, and your vacation so customize it any way that you’d like.

On the Property

There are a few various options for Mt Spokane lodging that you’re able to choose from when visiting these impressive slopes. Enjoy all that comes from lodging right on the mountain, instead of having to stay somewhere off of it.

The Bear Creek Lodge provides numerous rooms for those that want to stay right at the base of the mountain. With comfortable, affordable choices; the entire family is able to stay at the lodge and not have to travel far to hit the slopes. With large conference areas and a restaurant, as well as common areas; there are plenty of places to explore. Enjoy year round accommodations for anything that you’re doing while at Mt Spokane.

There are also separate lodges that you’re able to stay in, depending on your needs. With many different rooms and private cabins, Mt Spokane lodging thinks of their visitors. Consider choosing one of the private rooms when you want to be away from the hustle and bustle that comes with a hotel setting, or go with a lodging room that provides delicious meals and a common area for one and all.

Off the Property

There are also many hotels and other Mt Spokane lodging options that you’re able to find off the mountain. Depending on what type of accommodations you’re looking for, you can rest your head at one of these comfortable locations that are just a short drive away from the mountain.

The Sleep Inn Post Falls is one of the most popular places since it is the closest to the mountain. It provides a clean, comfortable atmosphere that is also quiet. Close to many of the places throughout the town, you’re able to grab anything you need, while still being close to the mountain. Rated highly and welcoming one and all, this can be your affordable place to stay.

Quality Inn and Suites is known throughout many cities in the country and welcomes everyone that wants to come in and enjoy more from their hotel. With a pool and restaurant, you can have some down time once you come back from the slopes and want to grab something to eat or just lounge around. The common area, as well as the bar, is always open for those that want to grab something to drink and mingle a bit.

The La Quinta Inn is also another highly rated hotel in the area that provides close shopping destinations, as well as an overall quiet experience. With a restaurant, cafe area and lounge; you can mingle or just relax after a long day up at Mt Spokane.