Badger Mountain isn’t the tallest mountain in Washington, but it is a popular ski destination. This ski area has a lodge, a selection of rentals and a kitchen. Ran by the local Waterville Lions Club, this mountain has a relatively low elevation of 3,145 feet so it takes a little longer to accumulate adequate snowfall. The peak season at Badger Mountain usually doesn’t begin until January. This location is small and is a hidden gem, so there are rarely long lines. This family friendly ski resort is going to let you have a lot of time in the snow.

Programs Available at Badger Mountain

Season Passes are available for families as well as individuals. Daily rates are also available. There is no modern lift available, but there are 2 rope tows and a T-Bar. It takes a little time to get the hang of these lifts, so don’t get discouraged.

Relax Away From The Crowds

The Waterville Lions Club is a nonprofit organization, which makes this a community and volunteer based organization. Although the Badger Mountain local area offers accommodations, since this is a small operation you get a lot of personalized attention and fewer crowds. This one on one attention makes this a preferred destination for those who are looking for a restful, relaxing and snow filled trip.

What to Do at Badger Mountain

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Badger Mountain can offer sledding to its guests. There is food available provided by the Waterville Lions Club through a refreshment stand. At the stand visitors will discover delicious food such as hamburgers, chips, coffee, candy & drinks, and more.

What to Bring to Badger Mountain

When deciding what clothes to pack for your trip to Badger Mountain, be sure to look for things that are warm and are quick drying. Clothes specifically made for a wet environment include items made from wood or synthetic blend. Although appealing, it is best to steer away from athletic socks or cotton based items. These materials tend to lock in moisture and keep the skin wet in a cold situation.

Choosing to take a trip to Badger Mountain for skiing is sure to be a wonderful, relaxing time. Whether you are looking for a daytime trip down the mountain or nighttime entertainment, there are plenty of options at this resort. When you’re ready to make your dreams come true, our team is eager to help you plan the skiing trip you’ll be talking about forever. Call us today and let us make your vacation dreams come true.