Money smart skiers know that in this day and age, renting skis instead of buying them is a smart move. Gone are the times of rentals being outdated inflexible 2×4’s and ill-fitting boots. Modern ski rentals feature the latest models by the best manufacturers. In fact, with some packages, you can spend a week on a pair of this year’s hottest skis. However, even with all these savings, there are still ways to save even more on your Mount Spokane ski rentals. Here are some basic tips on making the most of your dollar.

Saving Money on Your Rentals

By far, the best way to save money on your Mount Spokane ski rentals is to get your gear reservation as early as you can. As soon as you know you’re going skiing, check with us to see the best deals on ski rentals near Mount Spokane. Let us help you and you can save up to 20 percent on all your gear. Reserving your gear early can also help ensure that you aren’t stuck in line waiting to see if your size boot is available. However, you may find yourself going on a spur of the moment trip and forget to reserve your gear in advance. Not to worry, you can still save a bundle.

Whatever you do, never pay the walkup counter rate for your Mount Spokane ski rentals. That’s going to be the highest price in the area that you will pay, guaranteed. Instead, check with us to get some great deals on offsite ski rental shops. Consider this as an example. The daily rate for a basic adult ski package at Mount Spokane is $34. Compare this to the daily rate at Sports Authority, which only charges $20 per day. That’s almost $100 per week per skier that you can save by renting offsite. Like we said, don’t ever pay that walkup counter price at the resort for anything.

Some Notes on Equipment

When you’re getting your Mount Spokane ski rentals, there are some other items you’re going to need as part of your skiing package. First, you need a helmet. Helmets don’t usually come as part of standard ski rental package. This is because a lot of people own their own helmets. If you plan to go skiing for more than two weeks over the next couple of years, a helmet is a great investment. A new helmet costs about $150, where the daily rental price is about $10. You can see how that initial outlay pays itself back, the more you ski.  It doesn’t matter if you rent one or buy one, however; just make sure you wear a helmet.

Another essential piece of gear that gets overlooked is your socks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that standard white cotton athletic socks will cut it. They are too thick and will make your boots feel too tight. Cotton is also horrible for wicking away sweat, so at the end of the day, your feet will be sore and frozen. Get a good pair of ski socks made of merino wool or a synthetic blend. They’ll keep your feet dry and warm and are thin enough that your boots will feel snug without being overly binding.

Top Companies for Washington Ski Rentals

Winter Sport Ski and Board

Sports Authority in Spokane

Spokane Alpine Haus