Mount Baker is actually a volcano.  How cool is that?  You can ski the slopes of a volcano!  When you are visiting Mount Baker, it could be more beneficial to rent your equipment, than to bring your personal equipment with you.

Some people already own their own equipment, sometimes it just makes sense cost effectively to actually rent equipment once you are on site.  It saves you the time, hassle and expense of trying to get the equipment loaded and boarded, as well as those mounting fees that it cost to carry that additional equipment.

Not only is it a hassle, but most airlines are now charging up to $200 in additional fees for that extra baggage.  If you are looking for some other ways to cut some cost on your trip, let us help you find the best deals on our website.

Mount Baker Deals

If you will allow us to help you coordinate your equipment as soon as you know you are going skiing, we can potentially save you up to 20% over the day of walk in prices off of your online equipment rentals. Not to mention the time and worry that we can save you from trying to find all of the equipment you may need in an area you may not be familiar in.

We have relationships already built with the local rental shops so that you can save money and find what you are looking for efficiently in time and cost effectively. Should you be looking for specific gear or brands, we can also direct you to any specialty shops.

Use our website and we can help you find the best deals for every experience level and the equipment and gear that you could need to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Things to keep in mind

Travel expenses, even alone, can at the very least cost one extra bag.  Most airlines actually charge by the weight now, or even flat fees of $50 plus per bag.  You multiply those expenses by the number of travelers in your party and renting the equipment may prove to be much more beneficial.  We are happy to help you get the best deal possible and save your time as well as hassle and money.

Don’t forget your helmets and socks when visiting Mount Baker.  These are some of the most often forgotten ski gear.  Helmets are designed to save lives and can be rented, but some find purchasing this a suitable option as well.  Helmets are crucial to a safe day on the slopes.

Feet are really important as well when we are talking skiing.  So, don’t forget your good ski socks.  Cotton athletic socks are not a good choice for this sport.  Experienced Skiers want a good thin sock that wicks away moisture.  Look for a thin wool or synthetic blend that covers your feet really well.  Your feet will surely thank you at the end of the day.

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