With the motto “Family Fun in the Powder & Sun,” Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort is the perfect place for families and friends to hit the slopes. Before visiting this Cascade Mountain paradise, though, it’s important to know available options for scoring Mission Ridge ski rentals. While you can certainly buy your own gear, choosing to rent can actually save a lot of money, especially if you’re traveling by plane to the resort. We’ve got you and your budget covered with tips for scoring the best Mission Ridge ski rentals.

Ski Packages for Less

Planning ahead is the most important element for saving money, especially on a winter trip. The earlier prospective guests browse resorts, purchase lift tickets, and scope out rentals, the better. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find the best prices if you look at costs a few months ahead of time. If that sounds like a lot to check out, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In fact, booking early online with us will save you time and money.

Another money-saving option on Mission Ridge ski rentals is to check out off-site shops. Local shops are more than happy to rent skiers and snowboarders gear for a lower price than what’s offered at the resort. At Mission Ridge, an adult full day Ski and Snowboard Package is priced at $35. For comparison, the adult full day Classic Ski Package at Leavenworth Mountain Sports costs $18 – a 45% discount. Self-described as a family-friendly rental shop, Leavenworth promises to serve skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities with the best gear and services available. In addition to Leavenworth, Ski Shop at Osprey and Arlberg Sports also offer great gear and competitive prices. You can check out the links for these shops below.

Things to Keep in Mind

The gear offered at off-site shops like Leavenworth Mountain Sports is usually the same quality as what you’d find at a resort. Therefore, even though they may be a little less convenient, they’re great options for scoring Mission Ridge ski rentals for more reasonable prices. With their family-oriented experts, equipment selection and boot fittings are personalized and stress free.

Also regarding boot fittings, make sure to up comfort and warmth by bringing synthetic or merino wool socks. These socks are comfortable and moisture-wicking, so they are a much better option than cotton socks. Make sure to either rent or buy a helmet and good goggles, too. For frequent skiers, purchasing a helmet is probably best since they’re easy to pack and important to wear.

The following is a list of ski rental shops near Mission Ridge:

Leavenworth Mountain Sports: http://www.leavenworthmtnsports.com/rentals

Ski Shop at Osprey: http://ospreyrafting.com/ski-shop

Arlberg Sports: http://www.arlbergsports.com/pages/rentals