Hurricane Ridge is a year round travel destination.  You will no doubt find many reasons to return year after year, season after season.

When you are traveling to a destination for ski and snowboarding adventures, it can be tempting to try to pack up all of your gear and head towards the resort, however, it can be costly and time consuming to try to pack and load all of the equipment that you may need to take with you to have an excellent trip.

Also, you may be a beginner and not have the equipment you need, and really not sure what equipment you will need once you get there.  Renting your ski and snowboarding equipment is a way to try out the equipment and the sport without having the investment expense up front of buying equipment you may not exactly need.

Renting skis may be the solution for you, even if you own equipment, when you visit Hurricane Ridge to prevent the added cost of travelling with skis and other equipment.  Some airlines are now charging up to $200 additional fees for baggage.  If you are interested in other ways to cut some cost on your trip, we are glad to help you find the best deals on our website.

Ski Hurricane Ridge Deals

We would love to be your first call once you have decided on a ski vacation.  Let us potentially save you up to 20% off of what you will see when you pay the walk up prices when you get on site.  We also can help you to decide whether you need a ski package including many pieces of equipment, or just specific items to add to what you already have.

We have relationships with the local rental shops so that you can save money and find what you are looking for efficiently and cost effectively.  Saving you the time and hassle of going from place to place looking for a specific item, we can direct you to any specialty shops if you are looking for specific gear or brands.

Use our website and we can help you find the best deals for every level of gear that you could need to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Things to keep in mind

When you travel carrying luggage on airplanes you will notice that there is now an upcharge for carrying extra baggage.  If you are going to travel even alone, and want to carry your ski gear with you, you are looking at the added expense of the luggage of the gear if you take your own.  Most airlines actually charge by the weight now, for those extra bags, or some are just flat fees of $50 or more per bag.

Multiply those expenses by the number of travelers in your party and you will see that renting equipment can be very cost effective for you.  We are happy to help you find the equipment you need at the price that you need it.  Saving you time as well as money and hassle.

Helmets and socks are some of the most often forgotten ski gear.  Helmets are available for rental, but some like to have their own.  Purchasing a good fitting, comfortable helmet makes pretty good sense for most returning skiers.

Speaking of comfort, don’t forget your good thin ski socks.  Cotton athletic socks are not a good choice as they hold moisture in.  Comfortable Skiers want a good thin sock that wicks away the wetness leaving your feet dry.  Look for a thin wool or synthetic blend that covers well.  Your feet will surely reap the rewards there.

Ski rental options at or near Ski Hurricane Ridge:

Browns Outdoor:

Kitsap Sports:

Olympic Outdoor Center – located in the historic Port Gamble Fire House:

Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center Olympic National Park / Ski and snowshoe rentals available at the Snack Bar and Ski Shop in the Visitor Center:

Whittaker Mountaineering: