When you’re going skiing in Washington State, it’s easy to rent ski gear if you don’t own any. Pretty much every resort is more than happy to rent you gear. But before you pay those resort prices, keep some things in mind that can save you significant amounts of money.

Saving Money on Washington Ski Rentals

Without a doubt, the easiest way to save money on your Washington ski rentals is to reserve your gear in advance. As soon as you know your vacation dates, you should reserve your gear if you need it. Let us help you get your rental gear, and you can save up to 20 percent. With our knowledge of the deals available near the ski resorts, you’ll not only save money, you’ll save time. After all, you probably have better things to do than research the best deals for ski equipment rentals. If you find yourself renting at the counter, you should know that you are going to pay the highest price in the area for your gear. There’s no reason for this when a short trip can save you significant money.

As an example, consider Snoqualmie Pass. A basic ski package costs $39 for a day rental and $33 for a night rental. Before you hit the Pass, stop in at Seattle Ski and Snowboard where an equivalent package is $35 for the entire duration. For a multi-day rental, Sturt Evants offers a 7-day rental for only $115. If you ski both day and night sessions, that’s a potential savings of $389. Similar Washington ski rentals are available around the Spokane area. And for those flying into Seattle or Spokane, make sure you rent a vehicle that is big enough to handle your ski rentals. The cost savings on your ski equipment may more than make up for the difference.

Resort Equipment vs Shop Equipment

Is there a difference between the gear you get at the resort versus the gear you get at a rental shop? For $389, you’d think there must be some difference. In most cases, there really isn’t. The price at the resort is high because you’re paying for the convenience of not having to drive the equipment in. If you’re planning on a multi-day ski-cation here, then renting off-site is just fiscally responsible.

Another thing you should consider is purchasing your own ski helmet. A helmet rental is typically $10 per day, where a brand new helmet only costs between $80 and $100. Since it only takes 10 days of skiing to recoup the cost, this is often one of the first pieces of equipment people will buy themselves.

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