Ski Bluewood claims itself as Washington’s best-kept secret and for good reason. Situated atop the Blue Mountains, Ski Bluewood has affordable and family-friendly skiing all season long. The hills are freshly groomed, the powder is plentiful and there are lots of adventures to be had by all ski abilities. Thousands of skiers every year visit Ski Bluewood and are not disappointed. The best way to enjoy your weekend or week of skiing a Ski Bluewood is to ensure you are getting the best deal for your money. Make sure to check with us because we can help you find great deals all and discount Ski Bluewood lift tickets all season long. Listed below are last season’s lift tickets for your reference.

Avoid The Window

Buying lift tickets at the window when you arrive to the ski hill will not save you any money. In fact, in most cases you will end up spending more money by doing so. Ski resorts know that they can charge higher fares at the window because skiers and snowboarders are ready to get out on the hill as soon as possible.  They can also charge what they want because resorts can print as many tickets as they want so there is no limit and therefore no reason to offer discounts. Ski resorts know that you will be going out to enjoy a day on the slopes regardless, and for that reason they can often take advantage. Knowing how and where to look in advance can be a great way to help you find discount Ski Bluewood lift tickets. Check with us regularly as we stay up to date with the latest discounts and sales to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

Steer Clear of the Half-Day

Ski Bluewood opens the slopes at 8:30 in the morning, which can be rather early for some people. Do not be fooled into thinking a half-day ticket is the best way to save money. Missing the first lifts up the mountain does not mean you should also be missing the entire morning. With the purchase of a half-day ticket you are forced to wait around the resort until the afternoon when your lift ticket becomes valid. This can be a terrible waste of your time, not to mention a waste of the best snow! If you make sure you are doing your research well enough a head of time you will be able to avoid cutting corners. We can help you get the best full day ticket deals with discount Ski Bluewood lift tickets. No matter what other ways you choose to save money, you should always make sure to check with us to find discount Ski Bluewood lift tickets.