Skiing in Eastern Washington State is great and makes for an awesome ski trip. Still, if you’re going skiing you know that you’re going to need lift tickets to get out on the slopes. Unfortunately, resort prices for lift tickets continue to get more expensive, so a weeks worth of skiing is not almost more expensive than traveling to the resort. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay the resort window price for your lift tickets. Discount Mt Spokane lift tickets are simple to get with just a few simple tips. Listed below are the lift ticket prices for the 2015/16 ski season.

Avoid the Window Pricing

The resorts save their highest prices for the window. That’s because when you get there without having a lift ticket already in hand, the resort knows that you’re going to pay what it takes to get on the slopes. There’s no reason to spend money you don’t have to. After all, the less money you spend on lift tickets, the more you can spend on other fun things. That’s where we come in. Let us help you get the best deal possible on discount Mt Spokane lift tickets. With our continuous updates, we bring you the information you need to make the best decision about your vacation so you can save the most money possible

Avoid PM Tickets Too

While you’re thinking of saving money, you might get into a situation where you think that PM tickets are a good deal. They are not. A full day of skiing starts at 9am, so if you get to the resort late, you’ll see that a PM ticket starts at 1pm. The pm ticket is cheaper, so you might get the idea that you can just hang out in the lodge and then start your day at 1. Sure, you’re going to save some money, but you’re also wasting your vacation time. You came to Washington to ski, and is saving $11 really worth missing out on two hours of skiing? The only time you should consider getting a PM ticket is if you get to the resort just before or after the cutoff, and even then, add on a night ticket so you can keep skiing until 9:30.

Getting Lift Tickets

By far, the best way for you to get discount Mt Spokane lift tickets is to get them as early as you can. Much like any resort ticket, the longer you wait, the fewer the discounts available to you will be, untilĀ  you find yourself paying the window price at the resort. Don’t throw away your money like that. As soon as you know you’re going skiing check with us. We’re going to have all the best deals so you can make a smart decision about when you’re going skiing. You may not find a deal for the days you want to ski, but we keep updating our deals so it’s a good idea to keep checking with us. With our help, you’ll not only get a great deal on lift tickets, you’ll also save money that you can use on other aspects of your vacation.

Other Deals at Mt Spokane

There are other ways to get discount Mt Spokane lift tickets than shopping early with us, although that’s how you’re going to save the most. On Fridays, Mt Spokane offers a free lift ticket to anyone driving to the resort in a Toyota vehicle. Also, check out the ski and stay packages that Mt Spokane has going with local lodging. When you stay at a participating hotel during approved dates, you can get lift tickets bundled in with your room. This is a great way to get your discount Mt Spokane lift tickets and we can help.