From Mt. Baker down to Crystal Mountain and White Pass, the Cascades play second fiddle to no one when it comes to mountain slopes and ski terrain. From heli-skiing along the Canadian border to the indoor ski center in Bellevue, Washington residents love their skiing—and winter sports in general. One sure way to escape the dreary drizzle of Seattle’s interminable wet season? Turn it into snow by heading into the mountains. But you may need some new gear before your next trip. Our roundup of Washington ski companies is just what you need to prepare for your next adventure or for the new season.



Atlas Snow-Shoe Co.If you couldn’t tell, snowshoes are what this company is known for. Whether you’re looking for speed or backcountry performance, Atlas has you covered. They also offer poles and totes. SEATTLE

C3This shop takes three different brands of complementary products and brings them together under the same C3 Shop. Get snowboards and headwear from Capita. Get more headwear, gloves, and other accessories from Coal. And then get your bindings and splitboard accessories from Union. SEATTLE

Custom Components GroupThis is exactly what it sounds like. Are you a tinkerer who needs a custom component to finish your winter sports gear? These guys can furnish nearly any type of custom metal and/or plastic parts. BELLEVUE

DryGuyWe all know that boots, shoes, and gloves are no fun to put on when they’re wet. DryGuy is the spot for nifty dryers for these types of accessories. MERCER ISLAND

Full Tilt BootsThis company has resurrected the 3-piece ski boot with articulating hinges, originally designed by NASA. Comfort plus performance is the result. SEATTLE

K2 SkisA big and comprehensive ski manufacturer that offers skis, boots, poles, helmets, and accessories. About the only thing they don’t offer is snowboards. No, wait. They have a separate site dedicated just for that. SEATTLE

K2 SnowboardingSnowboards, bindings, boots, helmets, and related accessories. A great choice for men’s, women’s, and youth snowboarding gear. SEATTLE

Lib TechIf you’re like us, you’ll stick mostly to the ski and snowboard departments. Serrated design helps hold the edge, reduce fatigue and build confidence. This company is proud of its environmental track record. Also offers apparel and accessories. SEATTLE

LINE SkisThey’re a manufacturer of skis, poles, apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids. Their website can recommend a particular product based on the style, terrain, and design that best suits you. SEATTLE

MadshusThis company offers skis, boots, poles, and accessories for practically all types of winter sports. More than a century of experience continues to drive new innovations in their products today. SEATTLE

Mervin ManufacturingA major Seattle-based manufacturer for winter sports. Their brands include Lib-Tech, GNU, Bent Metal Binding Works, and Roxy. One of them is bound to offer something you could use. SEATTLE

Miller StudioWant to create skis or snowboards with a distinctive look? You can get a digital or screen-printed sublimation, as well as direct print with the finest epoxy inks. KENT

MSRMountain Safety Research is a manufacturer of high-performance backcountry and survival winter gear including snowshoes, tools, poles, shelters, water treatment, stoves, and cookware. SEATTLE

One-BallSki and snowboard maintenance, repair, and service supply shop. They provide snow wax, traction pads, tuning tools and kits, and other accessories. BELFAIR

Outdoor ResearchThis is a huge outdoor gear manufacturing company with departments for everything from ice climbing to field and stream. For skiers and snowboarders, they focus on apparel including jackets, pants, gloves, and hats. SEATTLE

Pow GlovesJust as the name suggests, these are high-end gloves for men, women, and custom collections. All their gloves are built to last. Touch screen capable. SEATTLE

Propel InsuranceA Tacoma-based insurance company with products and coverage tailored for specific industries, including sports and recreation. SEATTLE

ProRiderDon’t be fooled by their home page in the summer. In addition to bike helmets, this manufacturer does ski helmets as well. KENT

RIDE SnowboardsPopular high-end snowboard manufacturer for men, women, and kids. Also known for their Warpig, an award-winning board in both the All Mountain and Park categories. SEATTLE

ScreamerThis company does mostly hats including beanies, billed caps, and bombers for men, women, and kids. They also have scarves, gloves, and other assorted apparel. SEATTLE

Spacecraft CollectiveThis is an apparel company that offers headwear, apparel, and other accessories with a thematic emphasis on snow-cats. SEATTLE

Superfeet High-end shoe manufacturer. May have limited selection for footwear, but they’re great if you’re looking for insoles in particular. FERNDALE

Tubbs SnowshoesThis company does men’s, women’s, and kids’ snowshoes. They also do a custom product, their 1906 Series. You can also get poles, packs, gaiters, and other accessories. SEATTLE

Bataleon SnowboardsTheir men’s, women’s, and kids’ snowboards are highlighted by their “triple base tech.” They also have related apparel and accessories. SEATTLE

YKKThis is an international manufacturer or spare parts and accessories including hooks, loops, buckles, snaps, buttons, webbing, notions, and zippers. Their Renton, WA offices are one of two YKK locations in the western U.S. (The other one is in Anaheim.) RENTON



There’s always entrepreneurs and tinkerers striving to make the next great product or invention. The combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern design and manufacturing aids are delivering better results at more affordable prices and less environmental impact. As much as we looked, there’s a good chance we missed a few companies who should be included on this list. Do you know of a business we missed? Do you own one of the listed companies? Write to Jeremy at about advertising, email campaigns, and other ways to promote your brand.